Discover a new way to source quality digital talent

Are you struggling to find quality digital marketing professionals who truly understand your needs?

Traditional recruitment can be slow, and hiring this way means it’s easy to end up with talent who aren’t suited to your evolving business needs. On the other hand, hiring freelancers is a gamble. You MIGHT find the right fit, after a few failed trials. That in itself can be costly and time consuming.

You’ll be pleased to know, there’s now another solution.

How It Works

Here’s how you can get a Digital Superstar on your team

You contact us

Congratulations! You’re ready to start making your marketing work smarter. We can’t wait to get to know you and your business and match you with a specialised consultant to help work through your challenges. Call us today and let’s get the process started.

We do a needs analysis

Once you’ve filled out the form, you’re probably wondering what happens now. If we think your expertise and professional experience would benefit the marketing arm of growing small and medium sized businesses, we will get in contact with you via email or phone, based on your preference.


We recommend the most suitable consultants and packages. Once we have completed our needs analysis, we inform you of the suitable consultants and consultancy packages we have deemed most appropriate for the needs of your business.

You choose

You choose the consultant and package. Then, the ball is in your court. You decide what price plan, time allocation and specialised or generalist skills are preferred. Once you are completely satisfied, we then put both parties in touch.


Discovery session with consultant followed by strategy. Your chosen marketing professional then sits down with you for a consultation to develop a tailor-made marketing plan, including key projections.


You get support for implementation. Every step of the way, your chosen marketing director will consult with you throughout the strategy from planning and training, to implementation and support throughout marketing campaigns. You are never alone.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, you can hire the talent you need within your budget.

Our skilled Digital Superstars can help with:

• Social Media Management
• Facebook Ads
• On-brand photography

• Direct Response Copywriting
• SEO Content writing
• SEO strategy and implementation

• Email campaigns
• Marketing automation and workflow

• Graphic design
• Videography and editing
• Instagram and IGTV content

. . . and more!

Ready to innovate how you work?

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