Frequently Asked Questions

How is the cost of a project calculated?
Talent choose their rates based on their skills and experience. This pricing structure gives you an idea of what the rates would be like.
What projects can be done on DigitalSuperstars?
A range of projects can be completed with DigitalSuperstars depending on what the business is looking for.
Whether you require a social media campaign for your business, a copywriter to sharpen up your website or a brand strategist to maximise your potential moving forward, DigitalSuperstars has digital marketing experts that will deliver across all aspects of digital marketing.
How does DigitalSuperstars make money?

Being a part of our community of superstars means you are privy to a library of resources, courses and certifications which they receive for an annual fee. Monthly we take a small clip of the fee from ongoing assignments.

How do I make assignments successful for my company?
To make your assignments successful, a few tips can be followed to help your them succeed:

• Make your goals clear and easy to understand to the Superstars
• Communicate clearly
• Ensure that the Superstar is happy and motivated
• Both parties are benefiting from the assignment

Communication is the major force like in any relationship. That way things will run smoothly, stay on track and no problems will occur.

Let’s talk Intellectual Property. Who owns the material/output created by DigitalSuperstars?
The client does. Our platform’s role is simply to connect you with the kind of DigitalSuperstars you need for your business to grow, and output produced by our superstar talent is completely yours. Our contracts stipulate that all work the DigitalSuperstars are paid to do is fully owned by the client, and neither the talents’ nor the platform’s.
Where are your DigitalSuperstars located?

Our experts are located across all corners of Australia.

Am I allowed to bring any of your DigitalSuperstars on-site?
Yes! You have the option of tapping locally-based consultants to report to you on-site, or if you prefer, get in touch and work with some experts available for remote consultancy.
How do I ensure I get the right DigitalSuperstar for me?
Before we refer you to one of our experts, we carry out a needs analysis and it would be most beneficial if you are able to express and define your current challenges concisely, early on in the process. From there, we will be able to pinpoint the set of skills and expertise required to improve the area of need. Only then will we be able to present the most recommended DigitalSuperstar for you.
What if I’m not satisfied with the work produced by our hired consultant?
Our process of selecting our experts is quite thorough to find only the most skilled and experienced professionals. Throughout the duration of assignments there will be weekly feedback and communication between all parties to ensure that all is on course. Communication with DigitalSuperstars each week is important and allows an opportunity to state any queries in relation to performance, where we will then assist you.
How often will I be charged?
You will be charged weekly/fortnightly throughout the duration of the arrangement.
Is there access to previous work of superstars to evaluate if they are right for the job?
You don’t have to worry about this aspect of hiring as it is our job to pair you with the most qualified talent for your assignments!
Can you hire multiple superstars to collaborate on assignments together?
Yes you can, they can work as a team or cover different aspects of a marketing project entirely.
Is there a grading system?
Throughout the engagement we will collect weekly feedback where you can share your thoughts and suggestions. No need to hold on till an annual performance review. With our process of weekly check-ins and feedback you may rest assured that you are getting the quality we promise.
How different is it to work with a client online or remotely?
None at all! It’s like working in a company or if you have been freelancing it’s working set hours. Plus, depending on your indicated preference, you may even work at the client premises.
Do I have to pay taxes for the earnings I get from DigitalSuperstars?
It is your responsibility as a citizen to report and pay taxes according to the laws of the Australian government.
How will I know if I’ve been assigned an assignment?
You will be notified and sent an email should a client wish to hire you for their needs and projects.
How is the cost of an assignment calculated?
You as a superstar set your own rates based on your experience and skills.
How does DigitalSuperstars make money?
Being a part of our community of superstars means you are privy to a library of resources, courses and certifications which you receive for an annual fee. Monthly we take a small clip of the fee from ongoing assignments.
How are assignments posted and applied for?
Clients post assignments and are recommended a superstar based on key areas such as:
- The work needed, such as social media marketing or copywriting
- The industry they work in
- Experience
- Cost
You won’t apply for jobs, they will be given to you based on the elements of your application when you join DigitalSuperstars. This will define the work that is offered to you based on your skills and experience.
What experience do I need?
The experience varies from an expert; vastly experienced in many areas for numerous years - to exceptional; experienced in a specific field, for a couple years onwards.
Your experience determines the level of remuneration you receive and to become a superstar you are evaluated through a series of tests which will in turn decide whether you qualify or not.
What training courses do you offer?
We offer training for all the areas of the digital marketing field to keep our superstars on top of their game.
How many projects can be worked on at once?
Talent can work up to 40 hours a week and assignments range from 10-20 hours commitment per week per assignment
Is there a grading system?
Throughout assignments there will be weekly comments and feedback where you can express your thoughts and queries and at the completion of a project you will be able to give feedback once again.
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