With DigitalSuperstars, you benefit from:

Verified and vetted digital marketing freelancers

We’ll match you with one of our on-demand expert digital marketing consultants. They’ll use their expert knowledge, experience and insights to help you nail your digital marketing strategy right the first time so you can rest assured.

Hiring only for the time you need

Enlist the skills of an experienced freelance digital marketing specialist on a budget and timeframe that suits you. Full-time, part-time, ad-hoc or a project-based contract? No problem.

Specialised or general expertise

Choose the skills you need and get matched with an expert who has specialist, in-depth knowledge. Or, we’ll source one of our innovative all-rounders to become your digital marketing wing person and help you with a variety of tasks.

Backed by Australia’s leading marketing group
The DigitalSuperstars network is endorsed by the industry’s most innovative and successful digital marketing group with more than 10 years’ in the game.

On-site or remote assignments

Wherever you are, choose from expert digital marketers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney for an in-house fresh set of eyes or a flexible remote consultant.

Don’t know where to start? Hire a verified digital strategist to transform your business goals into a measurable digital marketing execution plan.

When you hire a
DigitalSuperstar, you:

Mitigate risk by hiring a vetted & verified candidate

Only expert digital marketers who pass our rigorous evaluation will enter our talent pool.

Find talent perfectly matched to your business

We take our talent matching process very seriously, only recommending the highest calibre of digital professionals, so you can invest with confidence.

Cut down on time-wasting recruitment

You’ll love your DigitalSuperstar, we guarantee it!

Free yourself from traditional business models

Freelancing fresh talent cuts down on overheads, so you can invest budget elsewhere.

Choose how you want to hire

Whether you need your digital marketing consultant seasonally, or on an ongoing or part-time basis, it’s up to you!

Can keep them! Or hire many!

The choice is yours, depending on your evolving needs. We love to keep things flexible for you.

Ready to innovate how you work?

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Ready to innovate how you work?

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