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Enlist the skills of an experienced digital marketing manager part-time or temporarily full-time on a budget that suits you.

Hire the talent you need on your budget.

Are you in the startup space? Need help with marketing or building a website? How about designing an app, social media, SEO, graphic design or videography? Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’ll find it with the Digital Superstars.

Don’t let traditional business hurdles restrict your growth. Hire the talent you need on your budget. Take the freelance route and start hiring competent digital marketing professionals. Our wide talent pool of marketing specialists are the best in the digital space. From mobile advertising, user experience, domain research, lead nurturing, market research, emails or web analytics, even a tech savvy personal assistant, find what you’re looking for from our Digital Superstars.

When you hire a professional direct from Digital Superstars, you cut down on business meetings and wasted time on expenditure.

You can hire a dedicated digital marketing strategist, specialist, coach, agency partner or professional seasonally or on an ongoing, part-time basis - the choice is yours.

Free yourself from archaic business models and take advantage of a flexible hire. Cut down on overhead costs and free up your budget to invest in other avenues of opportunity.

At Digital Superstars, only candidates who pass our rigorous evaluations will be deemed eligible to enter our talent pool. We take our talent matching process very seriously, only recommending the highest calibre of digital skills and experience for hire, so you can invest risk-free.

If you don’t have the resources for a full-time hire, or want to trial a new venture, why not see the value of a Digital Superstar yourself?

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