Frequently Asked Questions


How to edit my profile?

From the main menu, located in the top right corner; you are able to click a box (with your name in it) and a drop down menu appears, with a option to edit profile. Simply click that and it will take you to a page to edit your profile.

How to change your email login?

From the edit profile page; you are able to change your email login.

How to apply for a project?

From the “Find project” section, you are able to scroll down and view different projects. You are able to apply directly from this page by clicking the purple “Apply” box. Additionally you can go into the project and view all of its detail and apply directly from there.

How to withdraw funds?

From the “Payment” section, you able to withdraw your funds. Click the purple “withdraw amount” box, which a box will appear and you are able to type in how much you want withdrawn. The withdraw process will take 24hrs to process.

How to change your profile picture?

From the Profile page; simply scroll down to the the bottom of the page and you will be able to update your profile picture.

How to change your password?

From the Profile page, there is a option to change password. Click on that link which will take you to a page to enter your old password and update it to your new one.

What projects can be done on Digital Superstars?

A range of projects can be completed with Digital Superstars depending on what the company is looking for. The list below is all the projects that the Company can find a Superstar to help with:

• Web developers
• Graphic designers
• Programmers
• Software developers
• App design
• Content writing
• Translation
• Research writing
• Copywriting
• Virtual assistant
• Customer service
• Bloggers
• Data warehousing
• Network security
• Designers
• Digital marketing
• Social media marketing
• Brand strategists
• Email developer
• Broadcast design
• Composers
• Concept artists
• Creative strategy
• Reviewer
• Presenters
• Voice over artists
• Publishers
• Editors
• Native advertising
• Video creation
• Audio creation
• Podcasting
• Sound engineers
• Producers
• Photographers
• Event management
• Publicists
• Marketing and communications
• Miscellaneous

How does Digital Superstars make money?

Digital Superstars charges a percentage of the payments for work done billed as fixed or hourly rate. The percentage is pegged at 20% and goes down as you do more for the same client.

What should I do after registering?

Once you have registered, here are some of the things you can do next:

• Update and preview your profile
• Set up your bank account details
• Start Browsing new projects
• Check out other Superstar profiles
• Message

How do I make a project successful for my company?

To make a project successful, a few tips can be followed to help your project succeed:

• Make your project goals clear and easy to understand to the Superstars
• Communicate clearly
• Ensure that the Superstar is happy and motivated
• Both parties are benefiting from the project

How do I pay my freelancer and what does it cost?

You will pay the Freelancer directly through the app and depending on what the project is and how many hours the job involves will determine the price.

How often will I be charged?

You will be charged after every project is completed.

What do I look for in a Superstar?

All of our Superstars will have a high quality of work ethic, time - management and motivation so look for a Superstar that fits your criteria in terms of time availability and skills.
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